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[link] heard: 1 May 2006
[edit] added: 1 May 2006

23:07:44 [Aaron] (Autoreply): the library made noises at me, so i'm in shapiro doing work.

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[link] heard: 7 March 2006
[edit] added: 7 March 2006

18:03:03 [anon]: hell, I think I got more action in high school than at brandeis

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[link] heard: 25 February 2006
[edit] added: 25 February 2006

15:48:24 [oberon]: The opposite of extreme is extreme

in reference to creepy people who were creepy in opposite ways
people, creepiness, brandeis, wisdom, insightfulness
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[link] heard: 5 May 2005
[edit] added: 4 July 2005

(21:59:14) [me]: isn't it funny, that it's C Store and Java City

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[link] heard: 21 March 2005
[edit] added: 21 March 2005

"Vickie, what has Brandeis taught you? You have Jesus in your livingroom and Hitler in your heart."

Floria Volynskaya in reference to Viktoriya
brandeis, non-p.c.ness, religion
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[link] heard: 9 March 2005
[edit] added: 11 March 2005

Jackendoff: "Somebody washed [the board] with something wrong."

McIntosh: "Well, I wanna wash it with them."

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[link] heard: 1 March 2005
[edit] added: 2 March 2005

"Is Brandeis's registration system useful and helpful to use? Only if you're on drugs."

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[link] heard: 7 February 2005
[edit] added: 8 February 2005

"You know, why do all the buildings on campus have people's names on them? They didn't give that money out of the kindness of their heart. They wanted their name on a god-dammed building."

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[link] heard: 10 December 2004
[edit] added: 10 December 2004

Jonathan: "What class is this?"

oberon: "Temporal pain, Pustegofuckhimself."

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[link] heard: 22 November 2004
[edit] added: 22 November 2004

"Why would I want to be in a commercial? I mean, I could run around naked on the roof of Ziv and say 'Hey, look, I'm that guy in the police logs,' but that also has no appeal."

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[link] heard: 9 November 2004
[edit] added: 9 November 2004

Peter: "Did you know they sell birthday candles at the C-store?"

Jonathan: "Yeah, I think I saw that."

Peter: "... Wanna light some?"

[Peter fiddles with a box of candles he pulled out of pocket]

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[link] heard: 23 October 2004
[edit] added: 23 October 2004

"Isn't that what freshman do? Drink, sleep around, and move in herds?"

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[link] heard: 5 October 2004
[edit] added: 5 October 2004

"What is this? This is beginning to sound like the student union."

about the vice presidential debates
brandeis, politics, sadness
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[link] heard: 4 October 2004
[edit] added: 4 October 2004

"I'm sorry, you can't buy that here, we don't sell those. You'll have to put it back."

cashier at Java City in reference to a bottle of water someone was carrying, as reported by Josh Rachlin
brandeis, food, sadness, stupidity, incompetence, not-heard-myself
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[link] heard: 29 September 2004
[edit] added: 29 September 2004

"We have a problem with marijuana in this building, mostly down at that end, but if you know anything about it, please tell me. Even if you're doing it and I don't notice, but you know someone else who is, rat them out."

my CA (Community Advisor)
drugs, brandeis, bad-ideas
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[link] heard: 28 September 2004
[edit] added: 28 September 2004

"So I was behind Ziv commons carrying all the archery stuff waiting for people to come for archery, and along comes an angry mob of hundreds of people carrying signs saying `Ban the assault rifles!' and they saw me. And I was scared, but I should've been all like `Yeah, down with the assault rifles!' Then I'd be in charge."

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[link] heard: 4 September 2004
[edit] added: 10 September 2004

"Are you TAing any business yet?"

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[link] heard: 5 May 2004
[edit] added: 5 May 2004

(02:26:38) [me]: you staying up all night?

(02:28:22) Оберон: Probably

(02:28:24) Оберон: Bring cheese

(02:28:26) Оберон: I've got chocolate

(02:28:28) Оберон: oh, and bring root beer

(02:28:48) Оберон: Hell, bring whatever the fuck you want ;)

(02:28:54) Оберон: We can even boil some water and put it in my freezer

(02:29:01) Оберон: that should make it safe to drink when it cools

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[link] heard: 3 May 2004
[edit] added: 3 May 2004

(18:20:28) Оберон: I'd never miss free, easily accessible food

(18:20:35) Оберон: Though I'm afraid dinner may consist largely of tainted cow

(18:22:01) Оберон: ...which would make a much better band name than entree

after he's reminded about the "midnight buffet"
brandeis, food, animals, sketchiness, sadness, music
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[link] heard: 13 April 2004
[edit] added: 13 April 2004

(04:36:15) Оберон: "I hate Brandeis"

(04:36:30) Оберон: Brings back fond memories of...yesterday. And the day before, for that matter.

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[link] heard: 26 March 2004
[edit] added: 29 March 2004

"I trust the Boulevard not to actively poison me, just not to not passively poison me, like this crap."

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[link] heard: 21 March 2004
[edit] added: 22 March 2004

"I think the PeopleSoft backend is pretty good, but the PeopleSoft frontend sucks big donkey cock."

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[link] heard: 7 March 2004
[edit] added: 7 March 2004

(22:14:23) Adam F: el mamut se murio

(22:14:25) Adam F: thats so sad lol

(22:14:40) [me]: yeah, I mean, he got aids and he did 10 lines of coke...

(22:14:50) [me]: what else was he going to do afterwards?

(22:14:52) [me]: get a Ph.D.?

(22:15:04) Adam F: well he could go to brandeis

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[link] heard: 27 February 2004
[edit] added: 28 February 2004

"Yo ho ho and a bottle of peppermint schnapps."

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[link] heard: 25 February 2004
[edit] added: 25 February 2004

(06:12:40) Оберон: If a woman walked up to you tomorrow and said "I bet you have a wonderful snapple, and I'm absolutely not asexual -- how about you come back to my place and do me?" would you assume she wanted to know the way to Usdan?

(06:12:51) [me]: I might...

oberon, in reference to Jonathan's obliviousness
sex, sexuality, obliviousness, sadness, brandeis, food
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[link] heard: 17 February 2004
[edit] added: 17 February 2004

Jonathan: "You can just go around the curb that way."

oberon: "But I like to go the legal way."

Jonathan: "But the Branvan goes that way."

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[link] heard: 9 February 2004
[edit] added: 12 February 2004

Jonathan: "It smells again."

oberon: "Of what?"

Jonathan: "Burning."

oberon: "All I smell's the beef."

and Jonathan North Washington
food, burning, brandeis
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[link] heard: 9 February 2004
[edit] added: 10 February 2004

Chef: "I don't even know what to put in these things [Calzones]. What veggies do we have?"

Manager: "Bacon."

Usdan. As overheard by oberon
food, brandeis, sketchiness, incompetence, not-heard-myself
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[link] heard: 9 February 2004
[edit] added: 10 February 2004

"My mouth is tingling funny. As long as it doesn't go bang I'm fine."

oberon has an adventure with Brandeis food
food, brandeis, school, weirdness, sketchiness
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[link] heard: 3 February 2004
[edit] added: 4 February 2004

"That's why Aramark doesn't need a hazardous waste disposal license. They can just make things like that."

Ian points to a "pie" Jonathan is eating
gradschool, sketchiness, food, college, brandeis
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[link] heard: 1 February 2004
[edit] added: 1 February 2004

[on phone with Aaron]

"Hold on, I need to go make some soup."

[a couple mins pass]

"Your call is important to us. Please stay on the line for the next available customer service agent."

[more mins pass]

"Your call will be answered in the order in which it was received. Your call will be answered in .. two minutes."

[more mins pass]

"Tiki house, what you want ɔːdɐː?!!"

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[link] heard: 28 January 2004
[edit] added: 28 January 2004

"Why does the diet coke here [Usdan] taste different than at Sherman?"

Jojo Lazar worries. As she should.
brandeis, food, sketchiness, conspiracies
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[link] heard: 25 January 2004
[edit] added: 25 January 2004

"By the way, don't get the veggie wrap the way they normally make it; it's like 30% veggie and 70% mayonnaise. It's mystery-sauce-alicious."

the joys of Brandeis dining
brandeis, food, sadness, scariness, sketchiness, analogies
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[link] heard: 22 January 2004
[edit] added: 25 January 2004

"I actually went to modfest and got spilled beer on."

Aaron abuses the English language
college, brandeis, language, alcohol
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[link] heard: 30 December 2003
[edit] added: 30 December 2003

(02:30:26) [Shreyas]: wow, you brandeis folks are very beardy

(02:30:46) [Shreyas]: i guess you need the facial hair, being in the wilds of the frozen north and all

(02:30:51) [Shreyas]: insulation

Shreyas takes a look at my people page
brandeis, insults, friends, weather, hair
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[link] heard: 10 December 2003
[edit] added: 10 December 2003

Jonathan: "I showed someone this picture and they said 'Whoa, how did you get Brandeis not to look like a post-apocolyptic wasteland?'"

Mark: "But you didn't show them this one. The background looks like a post-apocalyptic wasteland."

Jonathan: "But there's Volen in the background."

Mark: "Yeah, that's like the post-apocalyptic command centre."

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[link] heard: 29 November 2003
[edit] added: 29 November 2003

Aaron: "This guy on my hall is taking his girlfriend to dinner in Sherman in a tux for her birthday. And this other guy from our hall who plays violin is going to play for them."

Danny & Jonathan, in unison: "Freshmen.."

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[link] heard: 26 November 2003
[edit] added: 26 November 2003

"Let's blow this joint! ... Do you have a car?"

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[link] heard: 21 November 2003
[edit] added: 22 November 2003

"Well, you can actually navigate the steam pipes I'm told. You just have to figure out when which ones fire—No, I'm serious; people have done this."

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[link] heard: 12 November 2003
[edit] added: 12 November 2003

(22:40:34) Aaron: wow.,.. i'm a dork.. i thought of this and thought it was funny:

(22:40:51) Aaron: c:\store

who then proceeds to put it as his away message
brandeis, computers, craziness
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[link] heard: 7 November 2003
[edit] added: 8 November 2003

[at Lizzie's, we hear a muffled scream coming from another room]

Ben: "That's why the ice cream tastes so good—they make it from gentile children."

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[link] heard: 5 November 2003
[edit] added: 5 November 2003

"This e-mail was awful—it was like in another language. It was worse than the Justice, okay?"

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[link] heard: 5 November 2003
[edit] added: 6 November 2003

me: [getting ready to leave a class of Adam's I went to with him] "I can't take another hour of this... How do you guys put up with it?"

Adam: [gestures towards his laptop, types "www.porn.com" at his web browser]

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[link] heard: 4 November 2003
[edit] added: 5 November 2003

"I don't mind smelling funny at Usdan because everything smells funny at Usdan, including the food."

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[link] heard: 3 November 2003
[edit] added: 3 November 2003

(01:33:56) Оберон: A vote for DDR is a vote for YAY! :)

oberon's endorsement for a vote to get DDR in the game room
ddr, brandeis, child-like
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[link] heard: 30 October 2003
[edit] added: 3 November 2003

"I feel like I should pay. I technically ate the technically food."

waiting for a check at the Stein
food, brandeis, misfortune
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[link] heard: 11 September 2003
[edit] added: 20 October 2003

"Jackendoff. That was the link between drinking and Flash in the Night."

someone at bbr... forget who
ddr, linguistics, brandeis, weirdness
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[link] heard: 8 September 2003
[edit] added: 8 September 2003

Cem: "I wanna throw this awesome party in my Ziv, with like a mad DJ and strobe lights and everything and we'd have to hand pick who came and have a guest list, and you could hire this huge black guy to be a bouncer for like a hundred dollars for the night and he'd make money off people bribing him to get into the party."

Me: "I'd almost go to that party, just for the DJ and the strobe lights."

Cem: "You'd have to get past the bouncer though."

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[link] heard: 27 August 2003
[edit] added: 27 August 2003

(00:58:16) Matt Sachs: Well, I'm glad to see that there are sufficiently twisted freshmen, so I won't have to be that weird hermit guy who mumbles a lot for my senior year.

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[link] heard: 19 July 2003
[edit] added: 19 July 2003

(03:40:39) [Cem]: yo i have a question for u man, are most college parties in the us like the ones in the usa?

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[link] heard: unknown
[edit] added: unknown

"Yeah, I'm at Brandeis—what's this place called?"

on the phone with Tiki
stupidity, brandeis, contradiction
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[link] heard: unknown
[edit] added: unknown

Rameez: "You know, I've got five missing socks. The laundry must've eaten them"

Jonathan: "The laundry doesn't just eat socks. It just seems like it does."

Rameez: "It must be the dryer."

Jonathan: "Yeah, you know, there's a vent that goes outside. It must just like suck the socks in. Like, you know, it'll be spinning [waves hands and makes whirring sound] and then it goes like 'dounk' and sucks it into the vent, and then blows it out the other end outside."

Rameez: "If we were ever to find that, that would be like the motherload of socks."

Jonathan: "I should make a comic stip about this. Like in the first scene clothes spinning in the dryer, and in the second, like the same scene, but then 'dounk' and the sock gets sucked into the vent, and then in the the third scene, like a sock shooting out into someone's lawn, or onto a pile of socks or something. If I had any artistic talent at all, I'd so draw that up right now."

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[link] heard: unknown
[edit] added: unknown

"You know, the coffee house—Cookley's? Cockley's?"

in reference to Chumley's
stupidity, brandeis, freudian
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[link] heard: unknown
[edit] added: unknown

"She's like that Justice Brandeis guy come back as a Turkish girl!"

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[link] heard: unknown
[edit] added: unknown

(20:42:57) LunaCamilla: it's a sad state of affairs when you're single b/c you're not geeky enough

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[link] heard: unknown
[edit] added: unknown

"Yeah, it does have a lethargic aire, this room."

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[link] heard: unknown
[edit] added: unknown

"Tiki, Tiki, bobiki, banana bana...."

out of nowhere
weirdness, food, brandeis, randomness
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[link] heard: unknown
[edit] added: unknown

"If Jehuda Reinhartz called, I'd be like 'Yo, what up Yehoo? I'm good--You good? Yeah, I'm good, we're all good.'"

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