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Jon Sagotsky
Jon's a little large for an elf, but he'd make a good one; rather, an evil one. He's a linguistics minor, and plays DDR sometimes.

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most quoted with: Jonathan North Washington (7), Vickie F (5), Nat Budin (4), oberon (3), Jeremy K (2)

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[link] heard: 8 February 2005
[edit] added: 8 February 2005

Jonathan: "The founders of modern anthropology and modern linguistics were both secular Jews."

Vickie: "The founder of modern psychology was a secular Jew."

Jon: "The founder of Christianity was a secular Jew."

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[link] heard: 31 January 2005
[edit] added: 31 January 2005

"I smell incense. That incensitive bastard."

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[link] heard: 18 January 2005
[edit] added: 19 January 2005

"Yeah, there's only one chick in software engineering. Unless you count Kolb."

Jon in reference to Jeremy
sex, sexuality, computers, meanness
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[link] heard: 18 December 2004
[edit] added: 18 December 2004

Nat: "Yeah, Hood chocolate milk is good..."

Jon: "Chocolate cheese is not."

discussing a bottle of chocolate milk gone bad
food, badness, scariness, sketchiness, chocolate
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[link] heard: 7 December 2004
[edit] added: 7 December 2004

oberon: [whistles beginning of The Good, The Bad, The Ugly theme]

Jon: [walking away, completes the theme with "wahn wahn wahn"]

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[link] heard: 6 December 2004
[edit] added: 6 December 2004

Vickie: "To sleep with Vickie."

Jon: "Uhm."

Vickie: "Yeah, you know, like `to bed with me'."

Matt: "I'm not disagreeing with any of the words you've been saying."

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[link] heard: 6 December 2004
[edit] added: 6 December 2004

Vickie: "Well, you vary plus-or-minus five pounds or so every day anyway."

Jon: "Yeah, I mean, I take a shit, and there goes ten pounds... I brush my teeth, and there's another five."

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[link] heard: 6 December 2004
[edit] added: 6 December 2004

Matt: ".. and I still have a paper to write."

Jonathan: "You're still writing it?"

Matt: "Well, I'm done, but it's not long enough."

Jonathan: "How many pages do you have left?"

Matt: "Four."

Jon: "Matt, is it a 3-5 page paper?"

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[link] heard: 20 November 2004
[edit] added: 20 November 2004

Jonathan: "If the flour turns into pie crust, then how do those kids in plays deal with getting it out of their hair?"

Nat: "They don't put flour in their hair—they put shoe polish or baby powder in their hair."

Jon: "Or Kool-Aid."

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[link] heard: 19 November 2004
[edit] added: 19 November 2004

"How come in the Windows installer my mouse doesn't work, and then when I put the CD in the other drive and reboot, it does?"

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[link] heard: 14 November 2004
[edit] added: 15 November 2004

Jonathan: "I like how our suite event is, like, Linux."

oberon: "We're all sitting around the TV watching the Linux burn. It's like 5'000 years ago, but with a different word for 'fire'."

Jon: "Next week on shelter-vision, BSD!"

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[link] heard: 3 November 2004
[edit] added: 3 November 2004

"I think I'm addicted to violence like you're addicted to gay porn."

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[link] heard: 15 October 2004
[edit] added: 15 October 2004

Jon: "I've got a sugary beverage in my pants."

oberon: "Uh, Jon, that's not a beverage."

Jon: "No, more like a protein shake."

followed by oberon confused and grossed out, spending 30 seconds trying to come up with a "shaken, not stirred" joke and failing

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[link] heard: 1 October 2004
[edit] added: 2 October 2004

Jon: "Who left the iced tea pitcher with 2 shots in it?"

Vickie: "Wait, you don't measure iced tea in shots."

Nat & Jonathan simultaneously: "Jon measures everything in shots."

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[link] heard: 28 September 2004
[edit] added: 28 September 2004

"So I was behind Ziv commons carrying all the archery stuff waiting for people to come for archery, and along comes an angry mob of hundreds of people carrying signs saying `Ban the assault rifles!' and they saw me. And I was scared, but I should've been all like `Yeah, down with the assault rifles!' Then I'd be in charge."

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[link] heard: 28 September 2004
[edit] added: 28 September 2004

Jon: "Ooh, we could so make a white Russian."

Jonathan: "With cranberry vodka?"

Vickie: "That would be a gay white Russian. It'd be a rainbow Russian."

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[link] heard: 18 June 2003
[edit] added: 18 June 2003

(01:27:22) Adam Batkin: Legal or pirated?

(01:27:28) [me]: hah, like it'd be legal

(01:27:36) Adam Batkin: Where do you get it?

(01:27:45) [me]: Jon Sagotsky and Jeremy Kolb

(01:28:10) Adam Batkin: That sounds safe

(01:29:00) [me]: iis that sarcasm?

(01:29:49) [me]: from Jon's profile (and away message both), something said by Jeremy (presumably to Jon):

(22:25:53) [Jeremy]: you are devilish and evil and embody all that is dark and creepy. you are the master of the bowels of hell, a rival to the great one himself. you absolutely exude evilness and your intelligence and brain power blows mine away. i can't even comprehend your majesty

(01:29:57) [me]: oh yeah, reeeaal safe

(01:30:11) [me]: they aren't safe people!

(01:30:14) Adam Batkin: Wow

(01:30:14) Adam Batkin: Well

(01:30:17) [me]: but then neither am I

(01:30:20) Adam Batkin: I was serious

(01:30:37) Adam Batkin: I'm glad you wanted to live with them

Adam and Jonathan discussing pirated software from Jon and Jeremy
computers, weirdness, omnipotence, evil, non-p.c.ness
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