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[link] heard: 31 March 2006
[edit] added: 31 March 2006

"We'll make you a deal—if there's a lunar eclipse, we'll give you something to eat; if there's not, we eat you."

Boutros Boutros Ghali on Rabbi Akiva
physics, food, fire, ddr, hypocrisy, japanese, conspiracies
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[link] heard: 24 April 2004
[edit] added: 24 April 2004

(00:02:44) Оберон: So we'll provide those three options.

(00:02:47) Оберон: And then show them darth vader.

(00:02:52) Оберон: And the power of the force will compel them.

(00:03:13) Оберон: "These are the pads you are looking for." "These...are the pads...we are looking for..."

preparing to ask for money from the fboard for new DDR pads
ddr, movies, weirdness
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[link] heard: 21 March 2004
[edit] added: 22 March 2004

"Flash of 'feine in the night. Another song you didn't know was in 6-4."

connected with this quote
ddr, music, weirdness
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[link] heard: 20 March 2004
[edit] added: 20 March 2004

(18:35:14) [me]: well, I am going to go play DDR in an hour and a half...

(18:36:11) Qatharsis: Putting on bland brown pullovers and pronouncing /a o u/ as /Q 9 u-/? ;-)

(18:36:56) Qatharsis: Can't help but parse that as East Germany.

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[link] heard: 13 March 2004
[edit] added: 14 March 2004

"Insertion is a good warm-up."

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[link] heard: 29 January 2004
[edit] added: 29 January 2004

(07:50:56) Оберон: Anyway, I was just trying it with the C400 mod

(07:51:04) Оберон: which sets the arrow scroll speed to a constant 400

(07:51:13) Оберон: except, thanks to a slight bug, it's 400*xmusic

(07:51:22) Оберон: so on the last song I was dealing with 600bpm arrows the whole way through

(08:00:12) [me]: why only 600bpm?

(08:00:25) Оберон: 1.5 * 400 = 600?

(08:00:31) [me]: oh

(08:00:48) [me]: not 400 * 300bpm

(08:00:54) Оберон: *blink*

(08:00:54) Оберон: no

(08:01:00) Оберон: that would be 400xmusic on max 300

(08:01:04) [me]: that's how I parsed what you said

(08:01:05) Оберон: which is of course completely unplayable

(08:01:20) [me]: it'd be gone before you could hit an arrow, that's for sure

(08:01:24) Оберон: the song would be over in about a quarter of a second!

(08:01:33) Оберон: I can make a song like that

(08:01:36) Оберон: it's called "beep"

(08:01:39) Оберон: it sounds like this:

(08:01:40) Оберон: beep

(08:01:46) Оберон: The steps are this:

(08:01:51) Оберон: XXXX

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[link] heard: 30 November 2003
[edit] added: 30 November 2003

(23:47:02) [me]: why do I have the DDR version of Oops I did it again stuck in my head?

(23:50:47) Оберон: Because you have sinned.

(23:50:48) Оберон: Duh.

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[link] heard: 4 November 2003
[edit] added: 5 November 2003

(16:50:20) Оберон: in the past two days I've eaten...a muffin

(16:50:24) Оберон: maybe that's why I feel tired.

(16:50:31) Оберон: half a muffin, really

(16:50:56) Оберон: now that I think about it, it's odd I passed max300 on a 36 hour caloric intake of probably about 500 C

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[link] heard: 4 November 2003
[edit] added: 5 November 2003

Matt: "I don't care if the TV is depressed—only if it commits suicide."

oberon: "What if it turns off DDR every 10 minutes and complains that no one loves it?"

Matt: "Well, I do that, but nobody seems to notice."

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[link] heard: 4 November 2003
[edit] added: 5 November 2003

"I don't mind smelling funny at Usdan because everything smells funny at Usdan, including the food."

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[link] heard: 3 November 2003
[edit] added: 3 November 2003

(01:33:56) Оберон: A vote for DDR is a vote for YAY! :)

oberon's endorsement for a vote to get DDR in the game room
ddr, brandeis, child-like
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[link] heard: 18 October 2003
[edit] added: 20 October 2003

"Have you seen that guy—Matt Sachs? He's such a stud!"

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[link] heard: 11 September 2003
[edit] added: 20 October 2003

"Jackendoff. That was the link between drinking and Flash in the Night."

someone at bbr... forget who
ddr, linguistics, brandeis, weirdness
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[link] heard: 29 March 2003
[edit] added: 30 March 2003

"But I want the experience of pluto shaking his face in my as... wait."

in reference to Disney Mix
weirdness, ddr, freudian, inappropriateness, scrambling
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[link] heard: 29 March 2003
[edit] added: 30 March 2003

"Who wants to do do it all night with me?"

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[link] heard: unknown
[edit] added: unknown

Me: "I'd like to see oberon play these steps for 20 minutes."

Rameez: "He would die."

Me: "It would be funny though."

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[link] heard: unknown
[edit] added: unknown

"E is like F, but the Japanese can't spell."

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[link] heard: unknown
[edit] added: unknown

"You know, when a whole language becomes DDR steps, you know you have a problem."

commenting on my study habits
ddr, language, philosophy, school
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