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[link] heard: 18 June 2019
[edit] added: 7 February 2021

"You know what they say—everyone has their own o-pinyin about how to transliterate Chinese."

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[link] heard: 8 February 2019
[edit] added: 7 February 2021

(12:56:11) jonathan: this rewording is very minor but does seem to get rid of one of the issues at least

(12:56:39) jonathan: I'm not positive, though; I have to force myself to misunderstand my own thoughts to even evaluate whether it's maybe fixed :(

(12:56:53) Фрэн: well, i can help with that

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[link] heard: 9 December 2018
[edit] added: 7 February 2021

(01:22:06) sushain: ah who needs grad students

(01:22:09) sushain: if you have 2TB of RAM

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[link] heard: 16 August 2018
[edit] added: 7 February 2021

(14:55:18) firespeaker: Khaytsus: I can't access your rigtool repo

(14:55:36) Khaytsus: firespeaker: you can't???? wtf? It should be public.

(14:55:51) firespeaker: Khaytsus: I had to log in, and then it gave me a 404 page

(14:55:59) Khaytsus: Let me check, It's supposed to be public

(14:56:39) Khaytsus: wtf, it is private! Damn it.

(14:56:51) firespeaker: way to make your code available

(14:56:52) firespeaker: :-P

(14:57:33) Khaytsus: ikr. COSS it's my new thing. Closed Open Source Software

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[link] heard: 4 August 2018
[edit] added: 7 February 2021

(20:19:09) naymersin: there are formulas of forces, mostly the degradion of maakülgetõmbejõud

(20:19:28) naymersin: how do you call that force that has 9.8m/s

(20:19:35) Aegis_: gravity

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[link] heard: 7 July 2016
[edit] added: 7 February 2021

(20:41:59)‬‏‬ ‪firespeaker‬‏‬: ‫ﺎﺍ

(20:42:06) firespeaker: these are the forms of aleph in uyghur

(20:42:22) firespeaker: no exceptions

(20:42:23) begiak: NO EXCEPTIONS, firespeaker!

(20:42:34) firespeaker: except for this ﻻ

(20:42:43) firespeaker: and ﻼ

(20:43:20) firespeaker: (the easiest way for me to think of exceptions at this point is to say there aren't any)

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[link] heard: 27 June 2016
[edit] added: 7 February 2021

(19:05:24) spectie: you could remove the 'in langs'

(19:05:31) spectie: what else would TR vowel systems be identified in?

(19:05:32) spectie: buckets?

(19:05:50) spectie: insurgent groups/

(19:06:01) spectie: water supply?

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[link] heard: 16 May 2017
[edit] added: 16 May 2017

[22:37:24] <selimcan> <firespeaker> need to upgrade my firmware. bbiam

[22:37:34] <selimcan> didn't know firespeaker was a bionic

[22:39:48] <fotonzade> selimcan, they're slowly replacing all americans actually

[22:41:23] <selimcan> ola bilir

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[link] heard: 6 May 2017
[edit] added: 6 May 2017

(18:48:18) jonathan: a lot of Mongol stuff in China is hand-written

(18:48:30) Фрэн: or in CLSEFJSGHXDHT

(18:48:31) Фрэн: script

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[link] heard: 3 June 2016
[edit] added: 3 June 2016

(13:29:23) Фрэн: now i just need to get the irish converted into IPA

(13:29:29) Фрэн: so i can convert it into finnish

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