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Shreyas Sampat
I ran into Shreyas on the planetpii list. His Pii-cultures (particularly the Dragonfly) were always some of my favourites, and I'd have interesting conversations with him in the irc channel. We only talk occasionally these days, but he's a cool guy.

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[link] heard: 1 February 2013
[edit] added: 2 February 2013

I feel like asking linguists to also be not-racist, not-clueless, and good prose stylists shouldn't be too much to ask. But apparently...

in response to "For example, some Arabic languages such as Farsi include a phonological contrast between the voiced velar stop /g/ and a voiced uvular stop /G/ that does not contrast with /g/ in English (Maddieson, 1984)."
academia, writing, racism, sadness, linguistics, insightfulness
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[link] heard: 30 December 2003
[edit] added: 30 December 2003

(02:30:26) [Shreyas]: wow, you brandeis folks are very beardy

(02:30:46) [Shreyas]: i guess you need the facial hair, being in the wilds of the frozen north and all

(02:30:51) [Shreyas]: insulation

Shreyas takes a look at my people page
brandeis, insults, friends, weather, hair
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[link] heard: 30 June 2003
[edit] added: 30 June 2003

(18:43:02) [Shreyas]: i like that the first six messages of the proto-uralic thread were from people with first names starting with j

(18:43:25) [Shreyas]: hm, that's not the thread

(18:43:29) [Shreyas]: but there was such a thread

(18:44:24) [Shreyas]: oh, it was the feature geometry thread

(18:44:34) [Shreyas]: still going strong...8.

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[link] heard: 18 June 2003
[edit] added: 18 June 2003

(02:54:29) [Shreyas]: i better eat soon

(02:54:36) [Shreyas]: i'm trying to reset my sleep cycle

(02:55:03) [me]: I should sleep soon, myself

(02:55:14) [me]: I didn't get enough sleep last night so napped today

(02:55:16) [me]: big mistake

(02:55:19) [me]: now I'm wide awake

(02:55:28) [me]: and have class in 5 and a half hours

(02:55:38) [me]: well, not *wide* awake

(02:55:46) [Shreyas]: crazy

(02:55:53) [me]: I had a tired spell around 12:30 when my sugar crashed from snacking on fig bars

(02:55:56) [Shreyas]: yeah, you should sleep

(02:56:07) [Shreyas]: that's probably a way to do it

(02:56:15) [Shreyas]: you could sugar crash again

(02:56:19) [Shreyas]: and sleep then

(02:56:24) [me]: I'm out of fig bars

(02:56:32) [Shreyas]: maple syrup?

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[link] heard: 9 June 2003
[edit] added: 9 June 2003

(01:58:21) [Shreyas]: played?

(01:58:48) [me]: by Natlihah

(01:58:58) [me]: she just wants to distill her guilt

(01:59:19) [me]: I don't think she really cares about them that much

(01:59:40) [me]: I'm not sure if this actually results in anything bad down the road

(01:59:43) [me]: but I suspect it will

(01:59:47) [Shreyas]: that's deeply comforting

(02:00:17) [Shreyas]: on an unrelated note, i just realized that an inertialess spaceship could be fabulously agile

(02:00:45) [me]: rofl, I suppose so

(02:00:50) [me]: good luck designing one

(02:01:19) [Shreyas]: i'll put it on the "rpgs to write" list

(02:01:41) [Shreyas]: right after the one about people who can see into the future as if it's just another spatial dimension

(02:01:52) [me]: heh

(02:04:06) [Shreyas]: it's got a lot of dangerous metaphysics behind it, actually. i'm imagining that futeresight is analogous to depth perception: it takes information you have and derives data from it, via some unconscious, hypercompetent capacity

(02:05:08) [Shreyas]: unfortunately for our prophets, futuresight has to work on their knowledge of things, so they can see any appreciable distance only in familiar situations populated by familiar things

(02:05:50) [Shreyas]: and anytime something unexpected happens, the prophetic capacity has to readjust

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[link] heard: 9 June 2003
[edit] added: 9 June 2003

(02:45:01) [me]: hm, I have class in less than 6 hours

(02:45:15) [Shreyas]: yeah, i should go to bed or something too

(02:47:12) [me]: what timezone you in?

(02:47:17) [Sheryas]: eastern

(02:47:25) [me]: oh lord

(02:47:34) [me]: you must be at home

(02:47:53) [me]: (at home, meaning have nothing better to do than stay online all night =P)

(02:47:59) [Shreyas]: yes.

(02:48:03) [Shreyas]: i couldn't sleep

(02:48:17) [Shreyas]: visions of sugarplums, strange white birds, that kind of thing

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