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Rameez: "You know, I've got five missing socks. The laundry must've eaten them"

Jonathan: "The laundry doesn't just eat socks. It just seems like it does."

Rameez: "It must be the dryer."

Jonathan: "Yeah, you know, there's a vent that goes outside. It must just like suck the socks in. Like, you know, it'll be spinning [waves hands and makes whirring sound] and then it goes like 'dounk' and sucks it into the vent, and then blows it out the other end outside."

Rameez: "If we were ever to find that, that would be like the motherload of socks."

Jonathan: "I should make a comic stip about this. Like in the first scene clothes spinning in the dryer, and in the second, like the same scene, but then 'dounk' and the sock gets sucked into the vent, and then in the the third scene, like a sock shooting out into someone's lawn, or onto a pile of socks or something. If I had any artistic talent at all, I'd so draw that up right now."

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