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Nat Budin
Linux user, DDR player, musician, and supporter of a lot of things that aren't very main-stream, such as Zope, BeOS, Goth Klezmer music, and lord knows what else.

top categories: food (11), weirdness (9), sex (8), scariness (8), sadness (7)

most quoted with: Jonathan North Washington (15), Vickie F (9), oberon (8), Matt Sachs (6), Jon Sagotsky (4)

(BETA) Nat Budin's quotes have been rated 12 times, with an average rating of 3.92/5


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[link] heard: 6 May 2005
[edit] added: 4 July 2005

"I conquered a Camry."

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[link] heard: 4 April 2005
[edit] added: 4 April 2005

"Dude, I would, like, never get tired of being called Saint Steve."

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[link] heard: 20 March 2005
[edit] added: 20 March 2005

Vickie: "I'm a year older than Matt."

Matt: "No you're not, because if you were, we wouldn't both be 21 right now."

Vickie: "Fine, I'm 9 months older than you."

Nat: "That's enough time to make a baby."

Vickie: "Yeah, I could be your mother."

everyone else in room confused.

oberon: "Uhm, that's not ... how ... it works."

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[link] heard: 2 March 2005
[edit] added: 2 March 2005

"Guys, I have a get rich slow scheme. Okay, owning a cellar is a lot cheaper than owning a vinyard..."

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[link] heard: 27 February 2005
[edit] added: 27 February 2005

"It's hard to write porn from the point of view of Plato."

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[link] heard: 25 February 2005
[edit] added: 25 February 2005

"I was like wait a minute, I can taste the alcohol in this, but then I realised it was the grapefruit."

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[link] heard: 31 January 2005
[edit] added: 31 January 2005

"I smell incense. That incensitive bastard."

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[link] heard: 28 January 2005
[edit] added: 28 January 2005

"Yes, we're writing character sheets for silverware. Shut up."

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[link] heard: 28 January 2005
[edit] added: 28 January 2005

Nat: "Don't you want 50cc of chocolate ice cream?"

Vickie: "Oh! I need to call my mother!"

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[link] heard: 25 January 2005
[edit] added: 25 January 2005

"I really don't understand people who like opera, and I mean like Klingon opera and Wagner. And yes, I equate those two."

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[link] heard: 25 January 2005
[edit] added: 25 January 2005

Ian: "With slight modifications, the iPod could greatly benefit the blind."

Nat: "With slight modifications, the iPod could be made into a tricorder."

Matt: "With slight modifications, the iPod could be made to be sentient."

Jonathan: "But then how would you know the iPod is sentient and not just the sentience inside?"

Matt: "I'm not allowed to discuss that."

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[link] heard: 23 January 2005
[edit] added: 23 January 2005

Nat: "Reciprocical could be a type of popsicle."

Jonathan: "You mean a `recipopsicle'?"

Vickie: "The popsicle that sucks you?!"

Matt: "Well, it would go numb after a while."

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[link] heard: 18 December 2004
[edit] added: 18 December 2004

Nat: "Yeah, Hood chocolate milk is good..."

Jon: "Chocolate cheese is not."

discussing a bottle of chocolate milk gone bad
food, badness, scariness, sketchiness, chocolate
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[link] heard: 15 December 2004
[edit] added: 15 December 2004

"You see, we're edumacatifying you."

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[link] heard: 10 December 2004
[edit] added: 10 December 2004

"I think s'more Schnapps is the best idea ever. Do they make that? Graham cracker liquour?"

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[link] heard: 20 November 2004
[edit] added: 20 November 2004

Jonathan: "If the flour turns into pie crust, then how do those kids in plays deal with getting it out of their hair?"

Nat: "They don't put flour in their hair—they put shoe polish or baby powder in their hair."

Jon: "Or Kool-Aid."

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[link] heard: 14 November 2004
[edit] added: 14 November 2004

oberon: "It's just funny that you have a picture of your boyfriend framed and labelled 'Kitty'. One of them you leave bowls of cream out for. One of them's a cat."

Ian: "No, one them you put bowls of cream out for; the other one puts bowls of cream out for you."

Ian and oberon, in reference to Viktoriya and Nat
cats, animals, food, sketchiness, sex
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[link] heard: 8 November 2004
[edit] added: 8 November 2004

Nat: "Wait, what? Now you guys have to tell me."

oberon: "I was just making stuff up to scare Jon."

Jonathan: "And I was just making stuff up to scare Nat, and oberon played along rather nicely."

Nat: "... Somehow I don't trust either of you."

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[link] heard: 8 November 2004
[edit] added: 8 November 2004

Nat: "Look at the specs; it turns out that a lot of the examples out there are wrong. I had a lot of trouble until I checked the specs."

Jonathan: "Well, I looked at your code."

Nat: "Don't look at my code—I looked at your code!"

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[link] heard: 7 November 2004
[edit] added: 7 November 2004

Jonathan: "You know what? Actually, I could just give you an account on my box, you could ssh in, run vmware via X-forwarding, and---"

Nat: "Uhm, Jonathan, that sounds like one of the slowest ideas for computing ever. Plus it'd be over encrypted wireless, which adds even more layers."

Nat and Jonathan, while talking to oberon
bad-ideas, computers
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[link] heard: 7 November 2004
[edit] added: 7 November 2004

Greer: "If she ever comes back here again, I'll break her kneecaps!"

Nat: "Because that's the only thing you can reach."

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[link] heard: 6 November 2004
[edit] added: 6 November 2004

"My uncle... Well, actually my aunt."

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[link] heard: 31 October 2004
[edit] added: 31 October 2004

"Vicke, whoring out your boyfriend for your own amusement is not a good idea."

oberon, to Vickie, in reference to Nat and Jonathan (don't ask)
bad-ideas, scariness, sexuality, sex
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[link] heard: 25 October 2004
[edit] added: 25 October 2004

"This is chocolate and not bugs, right?"

[takes a sniff]

"Yeah, good."

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[link] heard: 16 October 2004
[edit] added: 16 October 2004

Nat: "If you keep speaking French, I'll be forced to hit you."

Jonathan: "What's wrong with French?"

Nat: "French sounds like ass."

Matt: "Nat, I don't know what your ass sounds like."

Nat: "I can show you."

Matt: "If it sounds like French, then okay."

Matt, Nat, and Jonathan, originally directed at Viktoriya, who was speaking French
sex, french, weirdness, language, analogies, violence
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[link] heard: 12 October 2004
[edit] added: 12 October 2004

"I took off my pants because, like, they were bothering me."

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[link] heard: 12 October 2004
[edit] added: 12 October 2004

Jonathan [referring to an incident that just happened]: "Well, if a weird shape appeared out from behind a wall and meowed at you, you'd be scared too."

Nat: "Yeah. I'm sorry I scared you, Vickie. I was calling you in your native tongue."

Nat and Jonathan, in reference to Viktoriya
language, cats, animals, scariness
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[link] heard: 9 October 2004
[edit] added: 9 October 2004

Jonathan: "Всё. Пошли."

Nat: "I wonder if Vickie understands kick-to-the-shins."

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[link] heard: 7 October 2004
[edit] added: 8 October 2004

Nat: "You wanna try my cheese popcorn?"

oberon: "I'll try anything food-like—ooh, that's not so much like food."

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[link] heard: 1 October 2004
[edit] added: 2 October 2004

Jon: "Who left the iced tea pitcher with 2 shots in it?"

Vickie: "Wait, you don't measure iced tea in shots."

Nat & Jonathan simultaneously: "Jon measures everything in shots."

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[link] heard: 26 September 2004
[edit] added: 26 September 2004

Jonathan: "What's Microsoft encumbered technology?"

oberon: "SOAP. That's why Nat never showers."

Jonathan: "Wait, what? ... Oh."

oberon: "I think chunks of shampoo are owned by Sun."

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[link] heard: 26 September 2004
[edit] added: 26 September 2004

oberon: "In one of those tests linked to on Jon's test page, there's a question that asks 'Do you frequently make references to things that you have heard or read?'"

Matt: "No, most of my conversations are smell-based."

Nat: "Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra."

oberon, Matt, and Nat, in reference to Jonathan's test page
language, philosophy, humanity, star-trek, randomness
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[link] heard: 10 September 2004
[edit] added: 10 September 2004

Jonathan: "This sound card should work right and shouldn't."

Matt: "That's because everyone and his mom has messed with it."

Jonathan: "Yeah, you and Nat."

Matt: "Well, I'm everyone and Nat's his mother."

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[link] heard: 26 March 2004
[edit] added: 29 March 2004

"I trust the Boulevard not to actively poison me, just not to not passively poison me, like this crap."

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[link] heard: 10 January 2004
[edit] added: 10 January 2005

"American Tongues sounds like a porno."

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[link] heard: 21 November 2003
[edit] added: 22 November 2003

"Well, you can actually navigate the steam pipes I'm told. You just have to figure out when which ones fire—No, I'm serious; people have done this."

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