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[link] heard: 11 November 2013
[edit] added: 11 November 2013

[11:42] <tw2113> did you scale it down to just 1 user ID?

[11:42] <jonorthwash> I suppose I could do that

[11:42] <tw2113> via something like phpmyadmin

[11:42] * jonorthwash whips up a query

[11:42] <tw2113> or if you're fancy, sequelpro

[11:42] <jonorthwash> real men telnet to the mysql port

[11:43] <Limp_Trizkit> telnet to the mysql port? psssh. real men open the DB files in a hex editor

[11:43] <myosotis> hex editors are just a crutch for stream editor n00bs

[11:43] <tw2113> i read my mysql databases in binary

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[link] heard: 26 January 2012
[edit] added: 1 February 2012

Андрей: "А почему свинину не кушаешь?"

я: "Моя мама еврейка, и поэтому у нас такая семейная традиция есть."

Андрей: "А мой дед был Удмурт, и поэтому я все кушаю."

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[link] heard: 14 September 2009
[edit] added: 14 September 2009

Jonathan: "Dude, I have a girlfriend."

Sod: "Yeah, but still."

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[link] heard: 29 September 2008
[edit] added: 29 September 2008

Jonathan: "I mean, in Kazakhstan a cellphone is like a toothbrush, but in America, it's more like a bicycle."

Michael: "I donno, I knew some people in Kazakhstan who didn't brush their teeth, but you can bet they had a phone."

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[link] heard: 16 September 2008
[edit] added: 16 September 2008

One note on Imart's grammar: when I said it was hard to use in class today, I meant it--there are no page numbers, but instead about 3500 bullet points, and the index is too short to have anything useful in it.  But at the same time, it is very thorough on a lot of critical issues, and by far the best existing reference on the language.  I wish I'd had access to it as I was learning the language, though I guess using my "teachers" as elicitation subjects to figure out some of this stuff developed useful skills.  And no doubt built character and grew hair on my chest.  Just like trying to find something again that you read in Imart's grammar if you didn't bookmark it.

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[link] heard: 6 June 2008
[edit] added: 5 June 2008

(03:58:15) Aladnsane: John, think for a minute. Average male. Prick. Both in attitude, and in thinking organ.

(03:58:29) [me]: true

(03:58:38) [me]: though most guys I know are half decent at least

(03:59:10) Aladnsane: Most guys you know are selected, remember?

(03:59:18) [me]: ?

(03:59:25) Aladnsane: I don't know any stupid people.

(03:59:31) Aladnsane: This isn't because there aren't any.

(03:59:37) Aladnsane: It's because you /can/ choose your friends.

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[link] heard: 1 May 2008
[edit] added: 1 May 2008

(16:27:22) kesuari: is *that* what causes that bug?

(16:27:27) kesuari: i hadn't worked it out yet

(16:27:30) kesuari: but you could easily be right!

(16:27:33) [me]: that's what I assumed it was

(16:27:36) [me]: and of course I'm right

(16:27:50) kesuari: including about all the contradictory things you might've said about l/n?

(16:28:02) [me]: that's all just theory

(16:28:07) [me]: there's no way to be right for sure ;)

(16:28:21) kesuari: but if you contradict yourself, you must be wrong

(16:28:32) [me]: no, just stating theories

(16:28:32) kesuari: especially if you begin the contradiction by saying "oh, i was wrong before"

(16:28:39) [me]: have I said that?

(16:28:42) [me]: .. probably actually

(16:28:43) kesuari: i don't know

(16:28:45) kesuari: i'm assuming you have

(16:28:50) kesuari: because it makes my theory make you look bad

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[link] heard: 13 April 2008
[edit] added: 13 April 2008

"So I was reading this ethnography written by this Russian guy who went to what's now Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan in 1913. Apparently, in the jayloo, the women do everything, even up to herding the animals; the men sit around on a rock or sit around and sun themselves; when they get bored, they pull out their shotgun and shoot a marmot, and skin it while the women cook dinner. All they've done is brought that system down into the city."

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[link] heard: 16 March 2008
[edit] added: 19 March 2008

Elmira: "Oops, I think I did something to [i.e., spilled something on] your pants."

Soviet: "That's okay, you're the one who's going to wash them [by hand]."

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[link] heard: 26 February 2008
[edit] added: 26 February 2008

(22:39:11) [me]: well, we all know the French are chauvinists. They even invented the word.

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[link] heard: 25 February 2008
[edit] added: 24 February 2008

(02:14:04) Jóhann: dude, can you stop being a language nerd like me for one second and enjoy chauvnistic jokes? :D

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[link] heard: 2 January 2008
[edit] added: 3 January 2008

Jonathan: "Суп жақсы екен."

Қали: "Суп емес—повор жақсы."

Қали brags about his soup.
food, machoism, kazakh, omnipotence, puns
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[link] heard: 4 December 2007
[edit] added: 4 December 2007

"It [the bottle of vodka] is not a microphone. Drink."

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[link] heard: 23 November 2007
[edit] added: 25 November 2007

Thatcher: "And her father was the largest contractor in Kenya—"

Colin: "He was huge!"

Thatcher: "Yeah, he was like 400lbs."

Colin: [buffs up, effects burly voice] "Want me to build you a shed!?"

Colin messes with Thatcher's story
weirdness, machoism, misparsings, randomness, provincialism
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[link] heard: 17 November 2006
[edit] added: 17 November 2006

(01:01:57) [Aladnsane]: But seriously, when you show someone ID that says it's your 21st birthday, order a drink they don't know how to make. and then /tell them how to make it/... it tends to put a damper on their machismo.

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[link] heard: 14 November 2006
[edit] added: 14 November 2006

"But I just knew they'd be all like, 'Man, she stole our crack!'"

Derek debates whether or not to help a girl being chased by some guys.
drugs, badness, scariness, craziness, machoism
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[link] heard: 4 May 2006
[edit] added: 4 May 2006

16:00:34 [aladnsane]: You're in Seattle dude. The fratboys wear pink.

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[link] heard: 28 April 2006
[edit] added: 28 April 2006

"This guy could kick your ass—he's a muscle-bound semanticist."

Jason Kandybowicz in reference to David Schueler
conferences, machoism, ghetto-talk, sketchiness, linguistics, gradschool
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[link] heard: 19 April 2005
[edit] added: 19 April 2005

(04:10:01) [me]: you mind/want your name cited?

(04:10:23) [me]: (by default, I'll say "Examples from personal communication with Christian Thalmann, 19 April, 2005.")

(04:11:17) Qatharsis: Cool. :)

(04:12:05) Qatharsis: Though "Christian 'm4st0r of teh univers' Thalmann" would be more proper. ;)

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[link] heard: 10 June 2003
[edit] added: 10 June 2003

(23:26:32) matthewg: Fah, real men telnet to the X11 port.

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[link] heard: unknown
[edit] added: unknown

"Real Linux users don't use directories!"

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[link] heard: unknown
[edit] added: unknown

"This is phat. I feel like getting jumped."

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