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Derek Gulas
Fellow grad student in linguistics, house-mate, teaching assistant, office-mate, etc. Likes Mongolian and Germanic languages, among others. Would make a good Celt, as evidenced by certain censored photographs.

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[link] heard: 26 February 2010
[edit] added: 25 February 2010

"Он взял хлеб, потом убежал чють-чють подальше и там стоял и кушал. Не друг, то есть, а белка."

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[link] heard: 7 March 2008
[edit] added: 6 March 2008

(03:24:42) Derek: you know

(03:24:52) Derek: I have absolutely nothing against a woman being president but

(03:24:54) Derek: Hilary Clinton?

(03:24:59) Derek: does it have to be her??

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[link] heard: 23 October 2007
[edit] added: 23 October 2007

(13:06:16) Derek: I wanted to say thanks for speaking Kazakh (etc) around me all the time

(13:06:41) Derek: I think it's giving me a big edge in my Uighur class right now

(13:07:28) Derek: Turkic seems familiar to me instead of something strange, which is something the other students I would say definitely lack ;)

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[link] heard: 12 July 2007
[edit] added: 12 July 2007

Derek: "I think we should write in runes, and the British should write in Roman."

Jonathan: "What about the Australians?"

Derek: "… They can write in kanji."

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[link] heard: 26 June 2007
[edit] added: 26 June 2007

(23:53:48) Derek: That's a really well preserved blade

(23:53:53) Derek: for how old it is

(23:56:13) [me]: it's metal.

(23:57:07) Derek: "it's metal" doesn't cut it

(23:57:12) Derek: because iron rusts

(23:57:18) Derek: and steel rusts really fast

(23:57:27) Derek: ha - doesn't cut it

(23:57:29) Derek: I made a funny

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[link] heard: 28 May 2007
[edit] added: 28 May 2007

me: "Yeah, it's Low Germanic, but not Northern."

Derek: "Huh? Is it a language named after some city or something?"

me: "Nope, it's named after a continent."

Derek: "A continent?!"

me: "Yep. Go back to your room, continue grading, and in 30 seconds you'll figure it out and be like ‘Dammit!’"

(16:51:22) Derek: LOL

(16:51:24) Derek: you bastard

(16:52:04) [me]: told you :-P

(16:52:22) Derek: *shaking fist*

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[link] heard: 15 May 2007
[edit] added: 15 May 2007

Chuck: "There's Low German forms, Middle High German forms, Upper High German forms, and even Anglo-Frisian forms. This is weird!"

Derek: "Maybe a non-native speaker wrote it."

Chuck: "Or they had some pretty heavy stuff back then."

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[link] heard: 7 May 2007
[edit] added: 7 May 2007

"Well I'm gonna go watch atomic bombs. …Dude, they're pretty—it's too bad they suck."

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[link] heard: 28 April 2007
[edit] added: 28 April 2007

Jonathan: "Look at all the different kinds of mould in there! There's white ones, black ones, grey ones, and green ones."

Derek: "And they're all living in harmony."

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[link] heard: 25 April 2007
[edit] added: 26 April 2007

Derek: "Something about the word ‘Kyrgyz’ sounds agressive."

Jonathan: "What about [qr̩ˈʀz̩] sounds agressive?"

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[link] heard: 23 April 2007
[edit] added: 23 April 2007

"I'm not like you. I got all these vowels from my parents… and some consonants from these Klingons."

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[link] heard: 23 April 2007
[edit] added: 23 April 2007

Derek: "No, Joyce, what you should be saying is ‘[in effeminite voice] atashi.’"

Meghan: "Is that the female you?"

Derek: "No, that's the Hello Kitty me."

Derek, Meghan, and Joyce in one big misunderstanding
japanese, language, misunderstandings, sexuality
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[link] heard: 19 April 2007
[edit] added: 23 April 2007

"Do not put your baby in front of my car."

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[link] heard: 15 April 2007
[edit] added: 15 April 2007

me, holding a can of Mountain Dew: "You know what would probably be good? This and orange juice."

Derek: "I donno man...."

me: "I mean it's green and orange—how can you go wrong with… oh, wait."

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[link] heard: 11 April 2007
[edit] added: 11 April 2007

Derek: [ftktp]!

Jonathan: "What's that?"

Derek: "Probably Berber."

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[link] heard: 11 April 2007
[edit] added: 11 April 2007

Jonathan: "Maybe they just think that */p/ turned to /b/ in Germanic. But it only went half way."

Derek: "Yeah, that's how they got þorn."

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[link] heard: 9 April 2007
[edit] added: 9 April 2007

Annex door creaks

Derek & Jonathan, in unison: "Ghosts!"

Derek: "Truth by concensus!"

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[link] heard: 5 April 2007
[edit] added: 5 April 2007

(00:42:03) Derek: I found a way to explain language change to our students

(00:42:31) Derek: Languages start out cool and get less cool with time, unless the change involves gaining velars or uvulars

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[link] heard: 21 March 2007
[edit] added: 21 March 2007

(00:31:27) [me]: btw, safeway's website claims that this one is 24hours

(00:31:32) [me]: is it sketchy to go there at 1am?

(00:31:39) Derek: yes

(00:31:47) Derek: you're probably a crack dealer

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[link] heard: 20 March 2007
[edit] added: 21 March 2007

(22:39:59) [me]: like, Proto Turkic has very few colour words


(22:41:03) [me]: *sarg = yellow

(22:41:11) [me]: not sure where that's from, actually

(22:50:40) Derek: I went back in time and told them that word

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[link] heard: 15 March 2007
[edit] added: 15 March 2007

"No, you see, it doesn't work that way—it's dark half the year, so you commit suicide, and the other half of the year, it's light, and you're dead."

Derek tells Rianna about Scandinavia
provincialism, death, life, weather, scandinavia
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[link] heard: 3 March 2007
[edit] added: 4 March 2007

Derek: "Blood sucks."

Jonathan: "Then it'd be a vampire, but blood can't be a vampire—then it'd be cannibalistic."

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[link] heard: 3 March 2007
[edit] added: 4 March 2007

"I did have the dishes washed..."

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[link] heard: 1 March 2007
[edit] added: 1 March 2007

"It was funny when Derek had a question, you could tell—it was like watching a puppy. ‘Got a morphology problem boy?’"

Sarah comments on Derek at the review session for our students
child-like, linguistics, people, humanity, animals, stupidity, gradschool
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[link] heard: 11 February 2007
[edit] added: 11 February 2007

Jonathan: "Mm, easy mac. I'm hungry. We don't have easy mac, do we?"

Derek: "No, but we have hard mac."

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[link] heard: 2 February 2007
[edit] added: 12 February 2007

Girl at check-out: "You just want the bagel?"

Derek: "Yeah. But I want the stuff inside too. Is that okay?"

Girl at check-out: "Sure."

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[link] heard: 21 January 2007
[edit] added: 23 January 2007

"Breton music is like Irish dance music with Iranian instruments."

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[link] heard: 3 January 2007
[edit] added: 9 January 2007

(03:28:52) [me]: mkay, yeah, I need to pack

(03:29:03) Derek: psh

(03:29:04) Derek: whatever

(03:29:10) Derek: just throw it all in a ball

(03:29:14) Derek: duct tape it up

(03:29:19) Derek: and roll it on the plane

(03:29:30) Derek: if you tell them its a bomb, they work faster you know

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[link] heard: 27 December 2006
[edit] added: 9 January 2007

(03:12:51) [me]: I think they decided the klingons weren't Russian or Chinese enough anymore and had to rethink a new race to fit that type of society

(03:13:07) Derek: yeah

(03:13:21) Derek: they started Russian-Mongols and ended up Vikings

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[link] heard: 21 December 2006
[edit] added: 9 January 2007

(04:21:50) Derek: somebody took my magical woman attracting kitten and made a Russian postcard out of it?

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[link] heard: 5 December 2006
[edit] added: 5 December 2006

Derek: "I can't wait 'til next week, man."

Jonathan: "Why's that?"

Derek: "'Cause it's all over then. It's kind of like not being able to wait until you're euthanised."

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[link] heard: 17 November 2006
[edit] added: 17 November 2006

Jonathan: "People never write on your wall. They write on my wall all the time."

Derek: "Yeah, that's because you're friends with an entire country."

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[link] heard: 14 November 2006
[edit] added: 14 November 2006

"But I just knew they'd be all like, 'Man, she stole our crack!'"

Derek debates whether or not to help a girl being chased by some guys.
drugs, badness, scariness, craziness, machoism
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[link] heard: 14 November 2006
[edit] added: 17 November 2006

Jonathan: "I don't like the 373 bus as much as the 66 bus, because instead of dropping you off a block and a half from the house, it drops you off √50 blocks from the house."

Derek: "Uh, I think that's where my mother lives."

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[link] heard: 8 November 2006
[edit] added: 9 November 2006

"Oh, cool! I got a lump on my arm. And it's turning colours."

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[link] heard: 5 November 2006
[edit] added: 6 November 2006

"You can tell it's cold outside when humans start turning off the lights and watching something hot inside glow."

Derek and I stand stupefied as we throw corriander at the burner on our stove and watch it glow and fizzle.
weather, humanity, stupidity, burning
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[link] heard: 27 October 2006
[edit] added: 27 October 2006

Jonathan: "A lot of people look like Galen today."

Derek: "Yep: Cartoons. Real people."

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[link] heard: 24 October 2006
[edit] added: 24 October 2006

Derek: "Amy, you live in a boat."

Amy: "Yes, I do, and I was kept up last night because it was stormy."

Derek: "Oh, that'd be cool! Did you get sea-sick?"

Derek and Amy, discussing life at sea
weather, coolness, sickness, sleep
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[link] heard: 14 October 2006
[edit] added: 14 October 2006

"That's interesting: if you eat spicy food with the back of your mouth, the back part gets burned."

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[link] heard: 14 October 2006
[edit] added: 14 October 2006

"Why is it that the Kazakh flag strikes me as Romulan somehow?"

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[link] heard: 13 October 2006
[edit] added: 13 October 2006

[Derek feeds squirrel bread]

Jonathan: "Hey, Derek, gonna get tested for rabies?"

Derek: "Yeah, I guess I should—I wouldn't want to infect the squirrels."

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[link] heard: 9 October 2006
[edit] added: 9 October 2006

"Okay, be careful when you're going to the bathroom, cause we don't want toilet paper falling in the toilet."

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[link] heard: 8 October 2006
[edit] added: 8 October 2006

Gabe: "When people tell me they're vegan, I just feel like shoving a steak down their throat."

Derek: "I'm vegan." [opens mouth]

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[link] heard: 7 October 2006
[edit] added: 7 October 2006

Derek: "Agh!"

Rianna: "What's wrong with your spine?"

Derek: "It's made out of bones!"

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[link] heard: 4 October 2006
[edit] added: 9 October 2006

Derek: "Look, cheerleaders."

Jonathan: "And they're not wearing their uniforms."


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[link] heard: 4 May 2006
[edit] added: 4 May 2006

Jonathan: "Why did the French decide to settle Louisiana? What were they thinking, with the bayous and the prehistorical aligator-looking thingies that eat you?"

Gabe: "Well, the French are frogs, right?"

Jonathan: "Well, they eat frogs."

Derek: "Maybe they were looking for Yoda."

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[link] heard: 30 April 2006
[edit] added: 1 May 2006

"Positing *o is like positing Ident-Germanic and saying that among Uralic languages, Finnish has it most highly ranked."

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[link] heard: 10 March 2006
[edit] added: 10 March 2006

"'How'? You're asking the wrong guy—I'm not a class-VII expert."

in reference to Germanic strong verbs
germanics, delusionalism, linguistics, gradschool
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