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[link] heard: 25 June 2008
[edit] added: 25 June 2008

(13:21:56) kesuari: i am not sure if i am nervous, excited or simply feeling the effects of a can of coke i drank so i would be unsure if i was nervous, excited or simply feeling the effects of a can of coke

(13:22:24) kesuari: i second-guess myself all the time

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[link] heard: 23 February 2008
[edit] added: 22 February 2008

[band plays rock song]

Natalie: "It's really talking to my heart."

Katy: "The beer?"

Natalie and Katy
emoness, music, alcohol
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[link] heard: 18 September 2003
[edit] added: 18 September 2003

(02:48:11) [me]: the song "ty poterjal" is great. "ty poterjal moi ruki i guby. ty poterjal potomu chto ty glupy"

(02:48:31) оберон(l): you lost my arms and something

(02:48:37) оберон(l): you lost because you're dumb

(02:49:14) [me]: my hands and my lips

(02:49:21) оберон(l): ah

(02:49:32) оберон(l): yes, the two most important parts of a woman *snicker*

(02:49:36) [me]: rofl

(02:49:53) оберон(l): seriously; who comes up with that crap?

(02:50:25) оберон(l): "Oh, but should I live to see another sunrise, even as the sun does bow before your splendor, I would be no richer, for I have bathed in the light of your beauty"

(02:50:28) оберон(l): yadda yadda yadda

(02:50:31) оберон(l): it really does sound like that

(02:50:50) оберон(l): seriously, that's not love

(02:51:00) оберон(l): that's "someone put some bitter crap in my coffee and I think I have the flu"

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