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[link] heard: 26 February 2008
[edit] added: 26 February 2008

(17:02:31) [me]: I can't think of anything to make from potatoes

(17:03:34) kesuari: mashed potatoes?

(17:03:43) [me]: nah

(17:04:12) [me]: I mean, soup, mashed potatoes, and omlit (tortilla española) all come to mind

(17:04:18) [me]: but I don't want any of those


(17:05:51) [me]: maybe I'll just make that really good curry again

(17:10:05) kesuari: you can also make stamps out of potatoes

(17:10:17) [me]: I was thinking of food

(17:10:23) [me]: not .. other stuff

(17:10:27) [me]: that I have no use for :-P

(17:10:37) kesuari: given you're talking to me, you really should've specified

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