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(01:30:53) Kd5cfx: we bomb the shit out of some country and we call it a justified political maneuver. A couple of our buildings are knocked down and we call it terrorism

(01:31:57) [sn withheld]: It's all fine and good to rag on the Americans, they deserve it, but you have to admit there's a difference between a military attacking a military target and an agency attempting to slaughter as many civilians as possible with one shot

(01:32:33) Kd5cfx: uhm

(01:32:58) Kd5cfx: they "slaughtered" around 3'000 people

(01:33:25) Kd5cfx: we drop bombs on civillian targets all the time

(01:33:34) Kd5cfx: and kill many more than 3'000 people in a shot

(01:33:45) [sn withheld]: right, they slaughtered 3000 noncombattant businessmen/women and children. When do we bomb civilian targets? Find one instnace

(01:33:53) [sn withheld]: say in the last decade

(01:34:05) [sn withheld]: when we have purposely targeted noncombattants

A friend of mine, a relatively well informed and not necessarily very pro-America American, revealing how brainwashed this country has made him. See this page connected to the film Bowling for Columbine for further info on this matter.
politics, patriotism
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