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[18:03:17] firespeaker org: brb

[18:03:21] LunaCamilla: ok.

[18:05:25] firespeaker org: back

[18:05:50] LunaCamilla: oh good. the world had stopped spinning on its axis during those heart-stopping seconds in which you had gone

[18:06:01] LunaCamilla: but now that you are back, the world may resume its normal course

[18:06:11] firespeaker org: yeah

[18:06:22] firespeaker org: what can I say?

[18:06:28] firespeaker org: it always does that

[18:06:45] LunaCamilla: you're just so damn critical to the functioning of reality and the universe

[18:06:49] LunaCamilla: it must get annoying at times

[18:07:00] firespeaker org: no. actually, it's kinda fun

[18:07:08] firespeaker org: I enjoy being omnipotent

[18:07:18] firespeaker org: even if I'm inadvertently so

[18:07:26] LunaCamilla: heh i should hope you're not

[18:07:39] LunaCamilla: i don't want you knowing everything about me! eep!

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