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[link] heard: 29 March 2004
[edit] added: 29 March 2004

(04:37:43) Оберон: let's play a game of "did the thing the darwinports guy claimed would fix the bug actually fix the bug?"

(04:37:47) Оберон: you want to play too?

(04:37:50) Оберон: You can follow along.

(04:38:13) Оберон: So far, it looks highly suspcious

(04:38:27) Оберон: unless pango traditionally installs in under 10 seconds and doesn't depend on libfreetype

(04:38:36) Оберон: What do you think, Jim?

(04:38:41) Оберон: Well Bob, I've never seen Pango do *that* before.

(04:38:49) Оберон: But gtk2 is still configuring. Let''s watch.

(04:39:19) Оберон: A new error!

(04:39:21) Оберон: Yippee!

(04:40:02) Оберон: let's play "uninstall, clean, and re-install freetype and pango by hand!"

(04:40:03) Оберон: yay!!

(04:40:14) Оберон: do a little dance, shit on the carpet, get down tonight!

(04:40:30) Оберон: Seriously

(04:40:34) Оберон: Some day I'm gonna hunt down these people

(04:40:35) Оберон: in their homes

(04:40:36) Оберон: and walk in

(04:40:39) Оберон: and shit on their carpet

(04:40:41) Оберон: and then I'll point at it

(04:40:48) Оберон: and yell at them

(04:40:59) Оберон: "That's what your software does to me!"

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