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[link] heard: 23 December 2003
[edit] added: 23 December 2003

(00:12:59) [redacted]: and OMG you're sharing 2 computers on dial up?!

(00:13:10) [redacted]: ware you crazy?

(00:13:17) me: :)

(00:13:24) me: it was three

(00:13:29) [redacted]: you are crazy, aren't you?

(00:13:33) [redacted]: you're certifiable

(00:13:36) [redacted]: THREE?@??@?

(00:13:39) [redacted]: HOLY SHIT ON A STICK!

(00:13:40) [redacted]: come on!

(00:13:43) me: four :-P

(00:13:48) [redacted]: that's like 2 kb/YR per person

(00:14:05) [redacted]: i do hope you're kidding

(00:14:05) [redacted]: about the 4

(00:14:11) [redacted]: tell me you were kidding

(00:14:15) me: no

(00:14:18) [redacted]: or i may just have a cardiac arrestr

(00:14:21) ***[redacted] dies

(00:14:21) me: I have a linux box sitting there doing nothing

(00:14:31) ***[redacted] has been magically revived

(00:14:45) ***[redacted] recalls why he died, then proceeds to die again

(00:15:04) ***[redacted] is revived again and would like to forget that FOUR computers were sharing a dialup connection

(00:15:09) [redacted]: at least its 56k, rite?

(00:15:09) [redacted]: not 28?

(00:15:32) me: uhm.. I think it's connected at 46666kbps or something right now

(00:15:58) [redacted]: well, yeah... 56k never connects at that

(00:16:39) [redacted]: but still

(00:16:41) [redacted]: holy jesus

(00:16:48) [redacted]: how long did it take to load google?!

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