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[link] heard: 16 August 2018
[edit] added: 7 February 2021

(14:55:18) firespeaker: Khaytsus: I can't access your rigtool repo

(14:55:36) Khaytsus: firespeaker: you can't???? wtf? It should be public.

(14:55:51) firespeaker: Khaytsus: I had to log in, and then it gave me a 404 page

(14:55:59) Khaytsus: Let me check, It's supposed to be public

(14:56:39) Khaytsus: wtf, it is private! Damn it.

(14:56:51) firespeaker: way to make your code available

(14:56:52) firespeaker: :-P

(14:57:33) Khaytsus: ikr. COSS it's my new thing. Closed Open Source Software

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