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[link] heard: 7 June 2006
[edit] added: 7 June 2006

01:04:04 [Jonathan]: I'm a linux person, I just use a mac

01:04:17 [Jonathan]: because it's more convenient on portable hardware for now

01:04:26 [Jonathan]: I hear most of the issues I had with linux on here have cleared up

01:04:37 [Jonathan]: so I might go back to linux, but I'm thinking of waiting until the fall

01:04:46 [Jonathan]: though I did just clear enough HD space for it I think

01:04:50 [Tristan]: you should do it now, for your health

01:05:03 [Trstian]: when i'm using the mac, i always do stupid things like type in the wrong window

01:05:18 [Tristan]: "my cursors on that bloody window, how come i can't type oh shit i've just deleted all the files on my hard drive"

01:05:32 [Tristan]: yeah, that's why i haven't got linux on my computer properly yet

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