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[link] heard: 28 October 2003
[edit] added: 28 October 2003

(21:08:48) Оберон: you should link that new quote to the old one

(21:08:51) Оберон: or it's not funny

(21:09:00) [me]: and how do you propose I do that?

(21:09:40) Оберон: ...with this "hypertext markup language" thing which is all the rage nowadays?

(21:10:08) Оберон: see, you use an "anchor tag", and then you give it a "property" called the "href" which...

(21:10:27) Оберон: y'see, Jon, when a mommy webpage and a daddy webpage really love eachother...

(21:10:33) Оберон: ...not sure where that last bit came from

(21:10:38) Оберон: but it seemed appropriate

(21:11:19) Оберон: perhaps because at this point I expect you to know at least as much about HTML as you do about sex

(21:11:24) Оберон: hell, at this point, you should know a lot more

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