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[link] heard: 18 January 2012
[edit] added: 18 January 2012

(00:36:40) crawfora: the "read more" page does actually explain that the use of easily-disabled javascript was deliberate; they want to make it possible for people to access the site in emergencies

(00:36:59) firespeaker: crawfora: hmm, wikipedia for emergencies?

(00:37:06) jarrettwold2: someone on a cell phone looking up medical information

(00:37:07) twb: crawfora: like "oops I stabbed a guy now how do I do first aid... ask wikipedia"

(00:37:15) ***TomyLobo searches "what is the number of 911?"

(00:37:16) jarrettwold2: twb: that's how it is now :)

(00:37:18) crawfora: twb: I'm sure it happens

(00:37:30) firespeaker: uhm

(00:37:36) vry: "what color is blood?!? quickly, open wikipedia"

(00:37:43) firespeaker: and they're going to what, figure out how to disable the javascript?

(00:37:52) firespeaker: on their blackberry

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[link] heard: 10 May 2008
[edit] added: 10 May 2008

Left-over master's thesis? Those things are like a surgeon's tool that gets left inside the body.

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[link] heard: 16 February 2008
[edit] added: 15 February 2008

(01:50:24) Sarah: Like [his] ex and her "fiance" - they're doing fostering. [She] doesn't need children, EVAR.

(01:50:45) Sarah: It's like giving a child with autism to a 2 year old to take care of.

(01:51:26) Sarah: I'm going to Hell for that analogy.

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[link] heard: 19 December 2007
[edit] added: 19 December 2007

(19:25:03) Adam B: There's only maybe 4 or 5 outside the US that are certified by the US, letting their graduates practice in the US

(19:25:14) Adam B: Glasgow is one of them, which is why we are here

(19:30:25) Adam B: And they speak English here

(19:30:27) Adam B: Sort-of

(19:30:33) Adam B: Close enough

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[link] heard: 31 March 2006
[edit] added: 31 March 2006

"So Mohammed said to the mountain, 'Rabbi Akiva—Oh wait, let me get my glasses…'"

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[link] heard: 29 March 2006
[edit] added: 29 March 2006

02:35:08 [Tristan]: i hope your health insurance covers your tongue

Tristan learns that Jonathan is taking Georgian
badness, medicine, linguistics, phonetics, SSSR
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[link] heard: 20 December 2004
[edit] added: 20 December 2004

"I'm so glad I'm not a doctor, because if I was a doctor and had to deal with people with throat issues today, I'd tell them to open their mouths and say `Numa numa yey'."

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